Where our Charisma is matched only by our Dexterity!

Photo by Wayne Herrschaft

D20 Burlesque was founded by Anja Keister in the winter 2011 as a way for her to perform acts that were a little too obscure, specific, and geeky for normal burlesque shows. There had been a good amount of nerdy burlesque (aka Nerdlesque) popping up in the burlesque world around that time, but Anja and her co-producer Z.P. Keister, felt that the scene lacked a show that really catered to a gamer crowd.

Starting with a theme based on the namesake for the group, D20 Burlesque had their first show on Friday March 25th based around roleplaying games. From there the group has tackled such topics as board games, H.P. Lovecraft, video games and even internet memes!

D20 Burlesque is not a set troupe, but rather a show where an ever-changing cast of burlesque performers come to perform acts themed around things that they enjoy and indulge in. Every show is a mix of new performers and familiar faces and we hope you’ll come join us.


D20 Burlesque – Our Charisma is matched only by our Dexterity