Join the performers of D20 Burlesque this year for a special live streamed show featuring striptease and go-go based off of your favorite games, movies, comics, and more! We always look forward to our big Gen Con show, and this years is going to have amazing performances, a nerdy raffle, and more – all beamed live into your home!
Performers this year will include:
Anja Keister
Cruel Valentine
Eros Sea
Esmerelda May
Holly Ween
Jade Aurora
Kia Sangria
Lewd Alfred Douglas
Maki Roll

To get your tickets, you just need to simply:
1. Log into 
2. Get your FREE Gen Con Online badge
3. Pick up tickets to our events at
Note – IDs will be checked virtually.

September 18, 2021
9:00pm EST
Online - Zoom
Ticket purchase info coming soon.
Event Location To Be Announced or Not Found

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