D20 Burlesque’s Gen Con 2020 Nerdlesque Extravaganza


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Thank you for your interest in our show!
This is a zoom recording of our first ever live virtual Gen Con show which happened on August 1st, 2020. This was a big but exciting endeavor, and we are so pleased to share this edited for re-watch version for you.

We are offering this show on a sliding scale as was suggested by our fans.  We want to make sure that you all can have a chance to see our hard working performers, and that they can hopefully get paid for the amazing work that they do. When selecting your ticket, please choose the amount you’d like to pay.  All sales from this show for the month of December will be split among all of the performers and production crew that made the show possible.

If you enjoy the performances from our performers, we encourage you to show your appreciation by either following them on Social media or tipping them. We have placed their information below.

D20 Burlesque
Instagram.com/D20burlesque Twitter.com/D20Burlesque
Tips: paypal.me/d20burlesque

Maki Roll
instagram.com/makirollofficial Twitter.com/MakiRollOFC
Venmo and CashApp: MakiRollOfficial

Esmerelda May
Venmo: Esmerelda-May Paypal: esmerelda.may@gmail.com

Lewd Alfred Douglas
instagram.com/lewdalfred twitter.com/hismajesty
Venmo: LewdAlfred

Cruel Valentine
instagram.com/cruelvalentine twitter.com/cruelvalentine

Foxy Belle Afriq
instagram.com/foxybelleafriq twitter.com/AfriqFoxy
Venmo: Foxy1 cashapp: Foxybelle1

Kia Sangria
instagram.com/KiaSangriaNY twitter.com/KiaSangria93
venmo/cashapp: KiaSangria93 paypal.me/KiaSangria

instagram.com/VonkaRomanov Twitter.com/VeryVonka
cashapp: $vonkaR

Fox Squire
venmo: foxsquire2016 paypal: foxsquire@kissedpr.com

Anja Keister
Instagram.com/AnjaKeister Twitter.com/AnjaKeister
Venmo/CashApp: AnjaKeister

Dick Move
Instagram.com/DickMoveBQ Twitter.com/DickMoveBQ
cashapp: DickMoveBQ

Lily Liqueur
Instagram.com/LilyLiqueur Twitter.com/MeBareBear2
Venmo: lily-liqueur CashApp: $lilyliqueur paypal: lilyliqueur@gmail.com

Venmo: Singe paypal.me/SingeProductions

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